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February 19, 2010

A Simple Student Lunch

Feeling the pinch of rapidly dwindling finances in the aftermath of a week spent eating out, and mildly hungover and bloated as a direct result, I had a craving for something frugal, carby and tasty for lunch today. Perfect for a meal for one, the ingredients are pretty basic and all stuff I have kicking around in my cupboard. I used Blue Dragon noodles, but it doesn't really matter I suppose.

Handful of Monkey NutsPretentious chopsticks not shown
Handful of Pumpkin Seeds
Handful of Sunflower Seeds
75g Wholeweat Noodles
1 Green Chilli
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Small chunk of Ginger
Light Soy Sauce

Put water on for the noodles. Peel the monkey nuts and remove all skins. Crush them with a rolling pin (or pestle and mortar if you're feeling fancy), and toast gently in a dry frying pan (or wok) with the seeds for about 2-3 minutes. Cook the noodles as per the packet. While that's happening, de-seed the chilli, and finely chop, along with the garlic and ginger. Pour a small amount of oil into the pan with the seeds and throw in the garlic, ginger and chilli. Stir it about a bit to get until it all takes on a lovely golden sheen. Add the cooked noodles and a splash of soy sauce, mix about for about 30 seconds and serve. Simple!

As the photo shows, it went down pretty quickly, but I felt satisfied without any heaviness. If you wanted to be flash, I suppose you could toss in some thin strips of chicken or pork. Tofu if you're that way inclined. But tofu is clearly for wimps.

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